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Clean-up, organization, & analysis of key business data including customers, sales, marketing, finance, & employee data. Examples include:

  • Working with a small business to quantify their return on marketing investment and improve marketing strategy

  • Analyzing a business's sales patterns to identify and capitalize on key sales trends

  • Helping local government in a destination community understand key characteristics of their visitors in order to offer best amenities

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Development of visualizations, dashboards, and reports to help organizations report key figures to their customers and advisors. Examples include:

  • Creating interactive dashboards about the real estate market for a real estate company to include on their website

  • Developing visualizations and reports for a non-profit organization to report their impact on a regular basis

  • Designing an infographic for an environmentally-friendly business to show customers how much waste they have saved due to their practices

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Determining where businesses could improve efficiency through software use and implementing identified software for them. Examples include:

  • Helping a business who currently does their record-keeping in Excel, transition into using a bookkeeping software

  • Implementing T Sheets for a trades business to help track time worked and location of employees who are constantly in different places

  • Working with a wellness coach to install the best CRM system to track leads and convert more leads to clients