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If you are a real estate office located in a high-end, second-home market, you know that client relationships and trust are key to your success. But, how do you build that trust? One of the ways is helping them understand market trends and how to use that information to optimize their purchase or sale. You could verbally tell them what is going on in the market, or you could write up reports and share them online, OR you could create interactive dashboards on your website that allow users and customers to interact with the data themselves. That’s where I step in.

I’ve worked with some high-performing real estate offices in high-end vacation markets to develop market analytics dashboards. And the result has been that they are known as the most informed firms in their market, driving more clients to trust them and go to them for their sales and purchase needs. Check out some of the dashboards I've created for Fisher Real Estate at fishernantucket.com/market-analytics/.

How do these dashboards work?

  1. We connect with your MLS

  2. We customize dashboards using a data visualization tool. You are part of the customization process so that every visual is based on what you want your customers to see and know.

  3. We publish the dashboards to your website.

  4. Customers interact with the data and have a better understanding of the local market as well as increased trust in your brand and your agents.

Some great examples of customization include:

  • A map that shows key data points for each major town or neighborhood. This allows users to easily see the differences in the market across various neighborhoods and helps them make better listing or buying decisions

  • Filters that allow the user to drill down in the data by month, year, property type, neighborhood, and many other metrics

  • A year over year comparison of this year's YTD performance vs. the same YTD for last year, to help users understand whether the market is performing well or poorly in relation to previous years

These are just a few examples of how you could build dashboards for your potential customers. But the options are endless! Please contact me at samantha@infotoinsights.com today to learn more.

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